Travel Gone Wrong: Melbourne

Updated: Mar 15

I was a twenty something year old backpacker in Melbourne and, after months of adventure interspersed with alcoholic beverages, I found myself in dire need of money. I needed a job.

That's how several days later I found myself in one one of the most awkward situations of my life, infront of no less than a dozen commuters outside Sunshine train station, as I nervously awaited the arrival of my new employer who was running late. After fearing I may have missed him, or that I nay have been in the wrong spot, it was with great relief when he finally arrived and we locked eyes in acknowledgement.

As I settled myself into the passenger seat of his non descript white ute I offered my hand in greeting and introduced myself. He responded in kind and, with windows down only feet from that small crowd of commuters, responded in a booming Aussie voice "G'day mate, nice to meet you too. Now what the f*ck you're doing in my ute?" I found myself lost for words and momentarily confused as he leant across me, opened the door, and unceremoniously told me to get out.

I felt my face flush as I realised this wasn't my guy afterall and opted for a hasty exit before the situation could deteriorate further. Several sheepish glances were exchanged with those around me as I returned to my seat outside the station from which a further half hour of waiting was filled by wondering what on earth had just happened.

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